Golf can be an exciting and healthy way to spend an afternoon. It becomes even more rewarding when you spend that time on the course with your youngster. Children can enjoy the beauty of this great game just as much as adults.

To get your child started in golf, have them join you in watching some tournaments on television. By beginning this way, your child can get a feel for the game. Seeing the pros participate in the sport will also give them a preliminary lesson on swing technique just by watching.You can find a quick rundown here

The next step is to take them out to the driving range so he or she can freely whack some balls around without the worries associated with being on an actual golf course. Invest in a simple set of clubs for your child to use, ensuring that they are the right size for your child.

At this point, if your youngster shows an interest in golf as a sport, and wants to continue playing, try taking them out to a local course. Start simple, going to a par 3 style course where there aren’t a lot of challenges. Your child will be less discouraged by trying to take on these courses than those with lengthy par 5s.