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Truth About Hawking And Aliens Communication

In the immensity of the Cosmos, we’re only a “light blue dot” as Carl Sagan stated. That along with the reality that since 1995, we’ve discovered 100s of extra-solar planets, it’s virtually sure that we can not be alone in this cosmos.

But despite all the immensity of the Cosmos, one truth remains – World is still our only home. We’ve nowhere else to go, however. The Earth is simply too valuable.

There are other facets to the entire discussion. Their conversation technologies of that time were restricted to maybe ‘smoke indicators’. He’d have come anyways. Also, the aliens wouldn’t always even have the ability to find our Radio and Television signals. Who understands what sort of technologies they use. Perhaps our technology is too simple to be found.

Consider the instance of ants, dolphins, and whales in the world. They clearly can talk to each other. Ants can make complicated colonies. We do not handle them like fellow educated beings. Why would an alien even trouble about us? How would they communicate around if they’re substantially higher on the evolutionary scale? It’s like us attempting to talk to ants. Maybe they have been so far ahead of us that they’re previously here and we’re unable to find them, similar to amoebae don’t have any idea when we see them under a microscope.

There are a lot of chances.

But the one point that we require to do is continue trying to find life.

Maybe we are going to just discover the solution of the inter-stellar journey when we’ve had the opportunity to live without killing each other. Perhaps we’ll come into con-Tact only if we evolve into an increased state of consciousness as a species. Perhaps we have been still in the phase of a cocoon and should evolve mo-Re before we can venture out into the Cosmos. Perhaps. Perhaps. Perhaps. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. One day we’ll find the solutions.

Sadly, we’re still earthbound, and this is something we must take quite seriously.