Golf Tips to Upgrade Your Game

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For high handicap golfers, losing an exorbitant amount of golf balls makes your already expensive hobby even pricier.  After all, unless you have particularly deep pockets, even public courses charge an arm and leg to the casual golfer once you throw in the cart fees.  Since a lot of beginners,, heck, even a lot of experienced golfers, simply aren’t as good as they’d like to be, they tend to shell out cash on expensive golf balls that won’t last them longer than a week or two.  A lot of golfers don’t even really know the difference between the types of balls available to them, instead opting for a high priced brand name that may or may not suit their individual needs. Click here to read more.. »

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What You Should Look for in a Golf Instructor

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It is important to choose the right golf instructor, but most rookie golfers have no idea what to look for in a teacher. Included below are several things that potential golfers may want to look for in a golf instructor.

A winning attitude is essential in a golf instructor. If an instructor cannot remain positive and teach a slow-learning student to do the same, he or she may not be a very successful teacher.

A golf instructor should also have a great deal of Click here to read more.. »

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Dos and Don’ts of Picking Your First Golf Clubs

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For new players who are interested in taking up the sport of golf, making an effective equipment selection for your first set of clubs is a very important concern. Failing to choose clubs that have been designed to meet the needs of new players can cause considerable difficulty in any effort to improve your skills and achieve greater success on the course. Cost-effective options and clubs may also represent a better investment for players who are only interested in playing occasionally, or who lack the Click here to read more.. »

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The Biggest Talents in the LPGA; Should They Play With the Men?

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This is a huge controversy in the wide world of golf. Some women like Annika Sorenstam, are definitely talented enough, and play well enough to play in the men’s PGA, but some of the men want this to be a private organization in a way for men only. If the PGA were to open this up to one female golfer, then they would be forced to open this opportunity up to all female golfers, and this would not only be insulting to the PGA, but not all of the woment involved in the LPGA golf well Click here to read more.. »

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Can Mini Golf Help You on a Real Golf Course?

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The answer to whether or not mini golf can help you on the real golf course is both yes and no. If you are looking to practice your driving skills, a mini golf course is certainly not the place to be. However, if your putting skills need work, a mini golf course can indeed help in this area.

Though most mini golf courses provide crazy twists and turns that make the game more fun, the basic putting principle remains in place. You must exercise control in order to send the Click here to read more.. »

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The Five Best Golf Courses in the US

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America offers many beautiful golf courses for the professional as well as the amateur player. With many choices to choose from it is hard to define the best but below are most notably the top five golf courses in the US.

1.Augusta National G.C. was opened in 1933 by Alister Mackenzie & Bobby Jones and is located in Augusta, GA. This club hosts the Masters each year, the only tournament of the four majors that is held at one course.
2.Pine Valley GC in Pine Valley, NJ is one of the most exclusive golf clubs in the country, Click here to read more.. »

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Best Ways to Get Started Golfing on a Budget

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Golf is one of the greatest sports and if you choose to walk the course it will also provide you with exercise as well. Golf is also an expensive sport to play but here are some things that you can do to get started playing golf on a budget. The first thing that you can do is go online or to some garage sales and find an inexpensive set of golf clubs. Make sure that Click here to read more.. »

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Learning to Play Golf Fun for a Family

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Golf is a simple sport that anyone can pick up. While there are competitive levels of play, recreational golf is open to everyone. With golf courses in all 50 states and around the world, golfers can find a course near them to begin playing.

Although there are dozens of club types on the market, beginning players can often start with only a driver, putter, and an iron or wedge. If they find that they enjoy the sport, they can buy more clubs. Refurbished golf balls can be bought by the bucketful for beginners. A golf bag is helpful, but players can carry their clubs if necessary.

Golf courses are often open seasonally. Some retailers may offer indoor driving ranges or short par holes. Golf prices can vary considerably, but people who golf at off-peak hours can find cheaper rates. Driving ranges typically sell a bucket of balls to hit for a few dollars.

Many resources are available to help players learn to play golf and improve their techniques. Popular websites, or television providers such as informative articles, tutorials, golfing shows, etc. Golf courses have professional lessons, and retailers offer specialty products and great advice. With all of the assistance available, anyone can learn how to play golf.

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Around the Green Guide

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There’s nothing worse than an immaculate drive, fantastic approach followed by a 4-putt for double bogey. The green continues to be a problem for otherwise solid all-around golfers, leaving balls frustrating outside of the cup despite repeated attempts to read greens. Here are a few course-correction problems to help you straighten out your short game.Read around the green The trajectory of your ball after leaving your putter may be more susceptible to high rising hills on either side, even if the surface itself seems flat to the naked eye. As a rule of thumb, the ball may subtly break away from the hill than one might anticipate. Similarly, if there is a large hill behind or in front of the green, the putt may be slightly slower or faster than the initial read would indicate.Use Your Ball as a Tool Notice how the word “Titleist,” “Top Flite,” or whatever your brand choice, is conveniently printed across the ball in a straight line. In addition to labeling the ball in an easy to read fashion, this marking can also help you to line your ball up and maintain a straight forward and back stroke with the putter. Using “Titleist” as an example, point the uppercase “T” towards the hole (or wherever youre aiming depending on the break) and try to keep your putter face perpendicular to the word hitting it smoothly at the lowercase “t.” Click here to read more.. »

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Aging Well on the Golf Course

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“Shooting your age” is an almost mythical accomplishment on the links, arguably more impressive than even a hole in one. After all, the latter can be accomplished with one lucky swing of the club while shooting your age requires years of practice and 18 holes worth of well struck shots. To be clear, shooting your age occurs when a golfer’s 18 hole score total is equal to or lower than the cumulative sum of the years since one’s birth. Of course, the average golfer would need to stick around for several lifetimes to have realistic shot at the feat. Still, some well-conditioned older golfers manage to pull it off from time to time. While not everybody may not be able to record a round of 76 at age 76, it doesn’t mean your game necessarily has to fall of the deep end as you enter what would be your years on the Senior Tour. Here are a few tricks for the old dogs out there still willing to learn.

  1. Shorten your swing Increased age leads to decreased flexibility. By intentionally shortening your swing you play within a controllable range of comfort. Shortened distance can be easily compensated through improved accuracy.
  2. Use longer clubs To help offset slowing club speeds, a longer shaft will help to breed more power with less force. Not to mention, less bend in your knees and back will suit the aging body well. It may require some days at the range to adjust to your new clubs but in the long run it could prove worthwhile. Click here to read more.. »
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